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Maximize Profits by Minimizing Costs

We do more than just accounting... we provide ideas that save you time and money.

it has to be a win/win for everyone.

Too many business owners lose time, money, and sanity attempting to handle all of their own financials. As someone who cares deeply about your business' success, and with 40 years of accounting & business ownership experience to pull from, I believe that all relationships must be "Win/Win".

I'm here to work side-by-side with you to understand your business needs, and craft a solution that has your business successful and our partnership strong, so you can get back to working on your business, not in it.

Michael Weiner

With 15 years of public accounting experience and 25 years of industry experience, I have been managing the effectiveness and profitability of companies, big and small, for over 40 years (including my own!).

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, a small business owner, or leader of a corporation, I promise to give you the sound financial guidance and strategic business advice you've been looking for.

optimal approach's

Promises Before a Call

Your Success Comes First
I'm a problem solver, so whether that solution means educating around tax planning, signing up as your advisor, or suggesting you keep your current accountant (yes, really!), your success is what matters most.

No Sales Pitches, Ever.
I hate being hounded by Salespeople as much as you do, so I promise to never pitch during a call, only to help.

Zero Risk, Zero Obligations
Regardless of whether we work together or not, I want you equipped with the knowledge you need to profit. There are zero obligations or risk to entering a call together.

Walk Away With a Plan
Either walk away with information, education and confidence to do it yourself, OR feel so good about working together that we get started

Let's Make Your Life a Little Easier.



Reconciliation of Accounts

QuickBooks Training & Support

Business Guidance

Business Planning

Financial Analysis

Tax Preparation

Tax Reduction Strategies

Year-end Tax Projections

Filing of Tax Returns

Coordinated Efforts


Retirement Planning

Accounting Support

Let's streamline your financials so you can work on your business rather than in your business, and ensure your accounting is in great shape. Services include: 

  • Bookkeeping | Review & record financial transactions
  • A/R & A/P | Optimize cash flow and reduce bad debts
  • Monthly Reconciliation & Strategic Analysis

CPA Credentialed Guidance

Chart the course to financial success by building a formalized business plan for high performance & accelerated growth.

  • Business Planning | Developing a formal plan for success
  • Financial Analysis | Reduce taxes and improve profitability
  • Business Succession | Planning for the future & preparing for the unexpected

Tax Preparation & Tax Reduction

We will work with you to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax liability with  a streamlined and effective process. 

  • Tax Consultation | Yearly support to reduce taxes 
  • Tax Projections | Analysis of future tax liabilities
  • Tax Preparation | Personal & business income tax returns

Risk Management & Mitigation

Develop a thorough risk management plan to safeguard against any legal and financial threats that may have been overlooked. 

  • Insurance Review | Review & assess current coverages 
  • Human Resources | Develop & implement an employee handbook 
  • Compliance | Coordinate annual filings & documentation


“I was very pleased with Michael’s advice and service. He was very thorough, responsive and a pleasure to work with!”
Karen Truong
“I have worked with Michael for over 10 years. He is focused and brilliant at keeping me up to date on all the financial areas of my business that I do not have the time to keep up with. I give Michael my highest recommendation.”
Irwin C. Cohen
"I have worked with a number of accountants over the years and never has anyone taken the time to fully understand my business and personal finances to the degree that Michael has. Working with him was so easy (and even fun!) and I got my biggest refund I have ever received. I can't recommend him highly enough."
Ariana Anderson
“For many years I had dreamed, worked hard and finally achieved ownership. A dream actually came true. Walking around inside my shop the night before opening day with my family was a feeling of joy I just can't describe. On opening day I realized there was something I had not planned for.....I'm the owner! I am great at my job. I can plan, quote, execute and deliver on time with a profit. I found out very quickly accounting was not my area of expertise and was causing me, and those around me, a great deal of stress. I needed help! I reached out to Optimal Approach. My first conversation removed the stress and embarrassment I had felt for the disarray my books were in. Optimal Approach had brought me back to feeling like it was opening day and I have never looked back.”
J. Brad Morris
"I contacted Michael this year for the first time because my tax situation had become more complex than previous years and I decided that I needed professional advice. When we first met to discuss solutions, Michael looked over the documents and mentioned that this was a first for him and from that moment he did not stop working to find the best solution for me to minimize my tax liability. It was very apparent that his attitude was positive throughout the whole process and he was genuinely trying to help me, as opposed to just going through the motions of producing a 1040 out of the information I gave him like I have experienced with other tax professionals. Michael even offered to personally pick up and send my documentation to the IRS on tax day because I was in a time crunch and the post office had a line of people through the door! I was very impressed with the experience and highly recommend Michael and Optimal Approach to anyone in need of professional tax services."
Yarden Lioz
“Through my experience working with Michael, on both a personal level and for my clients, there has not been one instance where Michael did not go above and beyond as far as his tax consultation services go. Michael is extremely personable which makes conversations regarding taxes less daunting. I can confidently say that Michael doesn’t just prepare taxes; he helps minimize taxes and maximize returns. I can always count on Michael to respond in a timely fashion and appreciate his eager dedication in helping me and my clients.”
Michael Taborski